Circa 2016 - finished making blocks

I have been busy catching up on the outstanding blocks for my Circa 2016 quilt.
Large half square triangles, seem very boring after the different blocks we have been making.  I only need three different ones, but at this late stage I wasn't wasting the other block!
Fairly sure I hadn't made this block before. Then checked my collection and I had.  Not sure if I doubled up or Temecula Quilt shop asked us to. Either way I love these star blocks and have hand written out the instructions so I can make a mini quilt of them at a later date.
I love a nine patch, always happy to make more and there were plenty of pre cut 1.5" squares to choose from.  It seemed a pity to stop at 3!
Someone pointed out online that the finished quilt is pictured on the Temecula Quilt shop blogs header.  After seeing this (as small as it is) I have decided to NOT make 120 half square triangles.  Well and to be honest I have kind of run out of enthusiasm!  I love my little blocks though and looking forward to putting them all together.
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. Love those little stars, too! Getting very curious to see how all of these little blocks will be combined.

  2. It shouldn't be to long before all those parts come together. You've been using some great fabrics.

  3. Your progress so far is looking very nice. Changes in the pattern will make it your own.


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