Just a quick finish on a Kids quilt

I made a tumbler quilt in September last year from novelty fabrics.  I found the process of trying to get all the fabrics to line up the same way a bit frustrating.
Then I started using the left over tumblers as leaders and enders.  Lately I rediscovered them lurking on my sewing table, unfinished and tangled.  I sorted them out, decided on a finished row size and set to making the rows the same length.  I did not focus too much on keeping any sort of uniformity, just fun brights and novelty fabrics.  
Then made a few more rows to get it to a decent length and cut a border out of my stash of plain colours.  I tried red, but it was too overwhelmingly bright.  Dark blue (not so dark in the photo) gave your eye a rest.  Very happy to have finished a UFO flimsy (not that it is really old) and used up some more stash. 
Happy quilting Sue.  


  1. I think tumblers look great in "scrappy". This is a fun finish, and the blue is a good border color for it.

  2. Your tumbler quilt is really neat! It reminds me of an Apple Core Charm quilt I have from the 1920's made by my aunt. She used just whatever she had, but the idea of a Charm quilt back then meant no fabric was used twice, and hers is a true old-fashioned Charm Quilt. Yours actually looks very similar; I like it a lot! ---"Love"

  3. Your lurking tumblers came together wonderfully. It's bright and scrappy and someone will really love it.

  4. Looks great, and reminds me that I have the tumbler die that I should use!?


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