Opps I missed a finish!

Not sure what happened but I must have been so busy with work that  I completely forgot to show you my finished wall hanging.
This pattern came from Carol Hopkins book "Civil War Legacies" which was gifted to me by Connie, when she was moving house.  The pattern has the interesting title of "Hookers Hat Patch" after General Hooker, who gave his soldiers red patches to wear on their hats.  
This wall hanging is under the 1 x 1 meter maximum size restriction imposed at our local agricultural show.  I have been asked to do some volunteer work the day prior to the show, and we promised to take the kids.  So I thought I would make an effort to put an entry in - its all about timing, the quilt was finished, the right size and I will be on hand to deliver it in time for judging!  I do not expect to win, but was happy to participate.
Happy Quilting Sue.
PS. Apparently no one else was happy to participate (or they didn't have a quilt that less then 1 m in size), because there were no other entries, so I was awarded first prize!  


  1. You have to be in it to win it. I think you won because it's a great little quilt. Congratulations!

  2. Its a lovely quilt and deserved prize ...

  3. Well done, you are still managing to finish stuff even with your work committments.


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