Spring flowers

My favorite bearded iris - just wish I could get it to grow in yellow!
The original owners had a large patch of daffodils.  I have been digging bulbs up and planting them in different spots, but the "patch" does look wonderful when all the remaining daffodils come out in bloom.
Sweet pea's - so happy they grew as the seed was a bit old.
These cuties come up of their own accord all around my garden. They particularly like to grow in the gravel path, I just dig them up and plant them in the garden bed...otherwise my husband thinks they are weeds and sprays them!
Happy Spring, Sue.



  1. A lovely gathering of Spring flowers, as all of my flower beds are dying down and getting ready for a long winter's nap. It is fun to see the fresh blooms. I especially enjoy seeing the sweet pea. I don't have any of those and I do love them.

  2. Lovely, what are the last cuties? The leaves look like violets, but the flowers don't??

    1. I call them Johnny Jump ups! I think they are in the pansy family.

  3. Gorgeous flowers and colours. Thank you for the "Spring" wishes.

  4. Keep rescuing Johnny. Your flowers look lovely.

  5. Beautiful spring flowers. We have a ways to go to see ours as it is the first day of fall here.

  6. lovely to have those blooms in the garden


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