More Temecula Circa 2016 Blocks

More Temecula Circa 2016 blocks.
Funnily enough I had been putting off making these two blocks!  
Lots of little triangles in a 3" finished block, go figure!
Which made these two easy peasy!  
But I couldn't understand why the pattern was for half square triangles.  I made flying geese instead with flippy corners. 
Then I really did need to make flying geese! 
Finally this block is called Little Trees - no idea why!
Nearly all caught up now :)
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. Those first blocks do have lots of little pieces!
    I like that you make the blocks in whatever way works for you!

  2. They are very cute. Good job keeping up!

  3. Nice to learn a new technique or use an old one in a new way. Cute blocks.

  4. These little blocks will all contribute to a very lovely quilt.


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