Behind the scenes

I have had a few things going on behind the scenes that I have not told you about!
 Our youngest son is in Cubs and I have been helping organise a big Scouts celebration - which is on this weekend.  We needed something to drape over the plaque for the Mayor to "unveil".  As soon as I pointed this out, I realised I was going to get the job!  
So here it is....I just fuse web appliqued the Scout Logo onto homespun and then hemmed all the edges.  Not fancy, just quick and easy - because it will only have 10 minutes of glory!
Also I have participated in a swap, in which I ended up with Sally's wool stash....OMG I am in love!  Thank you Sally!  Such a lovely array of colours and so many pieces to choose from.  
My hand sewing has slowed lately due to other projects taking over (plus just too tired), but this burst of colour has really renewed my enthusiasm.  The Sunflowers are the last block that I have finished.  I have cut out another one and now I am hoping to get my Woolly baskets BOM finished soon so I can start something new!
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. Clever idea for the "drape".
    Wow--what a beautiful bundle of wool! Lucky you. : )
    Very cute basket of sunflowers.

  2. Moms who sew always get to do interesting jobs. Have fun with your new wools. Your baskets are looking good.

  3. You're welcome.


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