Aussie Hero .....wall hanging!

Normally I make quilts for Aussie Hero Quilts.  And this is the same size as the quilts, but it is technically a wall hanging, made to be displayed in a common area for everyone to read the messages of support and enjoy.
People were asked to write a message of support and sign a block at Quilt Convention in April.  I volunteered to make the top up, after another volunteer Lyn (who has made an astounding 250 quilts for this group) made the signed squares up into blocks. 
 Of course there needed to be some extra blocks added to make it big enough so I dug deep into my sewing cupboard and found my orphan box.  The paper pieced kangaroo and birds are Margaret Rolfe patterns from her various books.  I was crazy about paper piecings many years ago but these ones had never made it into a quilt. 
 The animals and birds were all different sizes so I sashed them (but made them offset) with the same fabric (kangaroo paw print) to make them the same size as the signature blocks.
 Then to fill the gaps I found some more Aussie themed fabric in my AHQ box and just had plain squares, some flags but mainly this Holden fabric - thought the guys might like some blokey stuff!  Then I found this great platypus fabric on sale at Spotlight, perfect for the border!  It was so well priced I went back and brought more for the backing of my next AHQ quilt.
Its hard to know what other people who are not quilters might like.  But I think I well and truly covered the Aussie theme and hopefully that with the messages is a moral booster to those hard working men and women serving overseas.
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. Well done, you have been very creative and covered the Aussie theme well.

  2. Nice job--you brought it all together and it has so much visual interest. Should be well loved!

  3. It's a fantastic Aussie quilt. Who knew there was platypus fabrics! I remember Margaret R's book. She has some great animal patterns. It will be a super quilt for a hero. You did a great job.

  4. that wall hanging is great... I love the touch of the added paper pieced blocks


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