Two tops ready for pinning

One cot panel and a few minutes between domestic chores to stitch on borders.
Equal one charity quilt top ready to be pinned.  Its not very big, approx 38"x40" but I had the perfect snuggly fox themed flannel for a backing and some wadding left overs to fit.
 This is my next Aussie Hero Quilt top.  I had to piece the backing (platypus fabric, bargain priced at Spotlight, so appropriate for this quilt) so I could pin it.  But alas its too big to have any left over wadding in my cupboard, so its down to the shop to buy some more before I can start pinning.  Some days I do wonder if I shouldn't buy a whole roll of batting!  But then other days I curse the left over pieces of wadding taking up a box in the linen press and Im glad I dont have a whole roll to house!
Happy quilting, Sue.


  1. You are amazing that amount of quilts you get done!

  2. I stall at the pinning stage. Wish I had your persistence. : )

  3. It is very generous of you to make these quilts for others. Lovely results. A roll of wadding would be handy and it would eventually reduce in size. Or share a roll with a friend and store it at her house!!

  4. Pinning is just one of those necessary steps, but not very exciting. Good luck.


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