Cot quilt completed, finally!

Remember this pile of scraps, left over from the pretty Twister quilt?
Doesn't matter if you don't, as I have transformed them into this!
One baby cot quilt, finished!  I was happy with the quilting in the centre and white border, but I couldn't decide what to do on the pink border.  In the end I went with my favorite spirals, one day soon I will widen my horizons when it comes FMQ!
Finished with a cute aqua spot binding and label on, it is already to gift, 
happy quilting, Sue.


  1. oh wow, that is so pretty Sue... gotta love using up the littler pieces too

  2. Thats a sweet one Sue. Great use of your scraps. I think your spirals suit the border, nothing wrong with doing what you know.

  3. Absolutely adorable. Such a pretty baby quilt and your spirals look fabulous!

  4. Super cute! The spirals add another whole dimension.

  5. That's gorgeous! Well done using all those scraps and turning them into something special.

  6. What a lovely gift. Love the aqua binding.

  7. Those leftovers sure made a sweet quilt. Your FMQ is lovely on the border. Is this one for the present cupboard or is it earmarked for someone already?


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