Clean it up, throw it out, get organised!

 Its typical cold winters weather here, except we are not getting much rain.  I decided that the sewing nook needed a big tidy up and some stuff had to go!
I started by rearranging my wall hangings and mini quilts. 
Then I got stuck into the scraps I had accumulated but never sorted.  I threw things out...including a UFO....well, I just threw out all the tiny applique pieces I was never going to stitch down because I no longer like the pattern.  I rehoused the magazine pattern in the book case and I cut the background fabric up into 2.5" squares! I cut up all the scraps I could make into 2.5" squares or half square triangles for my Scrappy Sprouts project.
I discovered these pieced Dresden wedges left over from a quilt I made HERE back in 2013.  I still have a metre of purple fabric that matches these, but was never used....I am thinking I could make a nice pillow with these fabrics, so a new WIP is added to the list!
These lovely fussy cut tractors were also discovered.  I can feel another kids quilt coming up next!
I opened the mail to find this lovely thank you card from the new owner of the first Scrappy Bargello I made (HERE), a lady affected by the Dungog floods.  It is nice to know that the quilt it is loved and appreciated, but sad to hear that she is still waiting for major repairs to her unit, but I guess insurance claims and rebuilding takes time.
Happy quilting, Sue.


  1. Love how your space is looking, and the mini's look great on the wall. We all need a good clean up every now and then. Lovely to hear from the recipient of your quilt.

  2. All those minis in your sewing nook make the space look inviting. Better to get rid of those projects that no longer appeal to us, than to have them hold us captive.

  3. Now that you are so organised, you can come and work on my space, which is so out of control it's not funny!

  4. your mini qall looks fantastic...

  5. Your quilty wall is pure eye candy. I really must take a leaf out of your book and try to tidy my sewing space ...its a mess in there !

  6. We have been getting rain, mainly on soccer training nights and Saturday's when the games are played! You are so good cutting up your scraps. What do you do with your bigger pieces? What would you cut a 4.5 inch piece into? What do you do with your leftover fat quarters? I am curious as I have read what others do but would love to know what works practically for you.
    Love the wall of mini quilts.


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