Fishy cot quilt

I cheated a few weeks ago and started this new cot quilt.  I am intent on using up some of the wadding ends in my cupboard as well as the cot panels lurking in the stash - well thats my excuse for not working on UFO's!  I figured (another excuse) was this would be a good way to improve practise my FMQ as well as free up some storage space.
I tried to do yellow, green, yellow border, but it looked naff, so I removed one yellow and made the four patch cornerstones.  I then stitched in the ditch including those that didn't exist - cos its a panel!  Then I quilted some fish in the blue border.
 I don't think they turned out too bad, I stippled squiggly lines in between fish to look like water.  Not sure what the rest of the quilt will be quilted with, but leaning towards a water theme of some sort.
Happy quilting, Sue.


  1. I think the fish in the border are the perfect choice for your lovely little quilt. Have fun with the rest of the project.

  2. Super cute! The borders worked out great and your fishy quilting is perfect. Looks like it was fun to do.

  3. such a fun quilt and the perfect way to practice FMQ...

  4. Great quilting choice for your border! Well done.

  5. Great quilting choice for your border! Well done.

  6. That's a cute panel. Where do you find your panels?The four patch border looks good. Great idea to quilt fish in the border.


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