Red scrappy bargello, finished!

It is truly difficult to get a good quilt photo inside, but the size of this quilt and the wind were against me when I tried to take an outdoors shot.
The kids had to help hold the quilt up, while standing on a chair, it was all a bit precarious!
 Close up for the quilting pattern best seen on the red border, quilted by Vicki Jenkins.
Quirky but cute bird fabric found in the Spotlight bargain bin, perfect for backing, alas I had to piece a red strip in to make it big enough, but still looks good!
I am at the Melbourne quilt show today to see the quilts and spend a bit of money!
Happy quilting, Sue.


  1. love that quilt... perfect bargello, perfect quilting and perfect backing...

  2. It's turned out beautifully, great way to use up some scraps. Quilt photo shoots make great family stories.....provided no bones get broken! Hope you had a good day at the show.

  3. Your quilt turned out great and the backing is certainly fun. Hope you had fun at the show and brought home some treasures.

  4. Absolutely glorious. Such a beautiful finish. Hope the show was all you thought it would be. Cant wait to see what you bought.

  5. Hope you enjoy the quilt show. I am hoping to get there tomorrow. The quilting on your bargello looks fabulous. Vicki was a guest speaker at the Sunbury Quilt In that we went to in June and she showed us some beautiful work. Always a fan of bird fabric.

  6. The solid red border looks perfect. I love the backing fabric. I think its perfect. Happy gifting.


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