Let it snow!

We are just back from a fun family holiday in the Victorian snowfields.
The kids loved feeding the King Parrots each morning. 
The wildlife on the way up was interesting!
The artistic things you can do with old ski's were fun!
This was the first time the kids have seen snow and only the second time for DH!  
 There was penty of time for playing in the snow.
Plenty of fun on toboggans, for young and

 ....the not so young!  Lots of fun falling off, surprisingly no injuries or bruises.
Luckily the only fall I had on our half day of skiing was a showy stack getting off the chair lift! The rest of the family didn't care for skiing, but having a beginner lesson doesn't make for champions, including me!  
We were blessed with good weather, but happy to be home now, and patiently awaiting the five days of rain they have promised us...fingers crossed, otherwise I am going to have to water the garden...crazy thought given it's the middle of winter!
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. Oh, boy, what a lot of fun! Looks like everyone had a great time "in" the snow. What a fantastic new experience for the kids and DH.

  2. Maybe you will get rain and snow the way the forecast is talking!

  3. Looks like good, cold fun. Very wintery here, but no snow.

  4. Your trip looks like so much fun. I bet the kids had an absolute blast in the snow !

  5. Looks like you had a great family holiday. I have tried skiing but I am no "natural" at it. I liked tobogganing better. Mind you skiing can be just as out of control as tobogganing. Apparently it helps if you have fresh snow when you are learning and not ice which is what I learnt on. You get so tired of getting up. Tow ropes are evil! When I was in Vancouver in january we went cross country snowmobiling. Now that was fun!


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