Stash enhancing trip

I had a lovely day at the Melbourne Quilt show on Friday.  I had my Log Cabin quilt hanging (no prize!) and so I had to do my share of white glove duty.  That required a 5am start to get the early bus/train to Melbourne, but met some lovely ladies on the way to chat with!  
I enhanced my reproduction stash with some more greens (for a specific project) and reds (just because) and a bargain priced brown, which will be used for a table runner backing/binding that I have planned.  The other colours were also at bargain prices, so "just because"!
I have long looked for zipper ornaments and finally found some.  As is the way, I got the Matoska dolls first, which were not cheap, but I brought them in red and blue....somewhere during the day (of endlessly diving in and out of my bag) the tiny container the blue ones were in fell out of my bag and disappeared :(  However I had brought a packet of the cute silver ones in scissors, sewing machines and trees, so I am well stocked now!  
The last tub of ground walnut shells has long been used up, so I was pleased to spot another one, for when I want to make another pincushion.  These good needles are another necessary tool I treated myself to.
Finally I brought some new scissors, as mine have not been the same since the fell (opened out) on the tiled floor in Adelaide.  Plus I splurged on a tumbler die for my Go Cutter.  I wanted a die with  more then one tumbler on it, but in the end went for the single as it was larger.  I am planning on tumbling my remaining stash of novelty prints and making them into charity quilts for kids.  

I had a great day out and then took the train to Geelong that night to meet DH and the kids at my in laws.  We had a lovely weekend there and I was able to gift the red scrappy bargello quilt to my husbands aunt, who was thrilled to receive it and loved the colours (phew)!  
Back to "work" today, hopefully I will have some sewing to show you next time!
Happy quilting, Sue.
PS I didn't take photos of the quilts in Melbourne, as lovely as they are, but rules are you can only take photos for personal use not publishing.


  1. sounds like a lovely day and I love the fabrics you found... well done for having a quilt hanging ...

  2. So exciting to have your quilt hanging in the show, well done. Cute zipper charms (sorry about the blue one, but I'm sure someone is enjoying it). I have the same scissors, and they are a bit strange to use at first, but sooo good once you get used to them.

  3. What an idyllic weekend! Fabric, quilts and family time with a bit of travel and change of scenery. A bet that was a relief that you did OK in your colour choices. I think its the hardest aspect of making a quilt, well for me anyway.
    Gabe and I are finally over the flu and our secondary infections. Man I have never felt so sick and needed lots of antibiotics. I just remember you mentioning how long you were ill for. Of course I was at my worst when the Sydney quilt show was on so I completely missed it. But I was really too sick to care.

  4. I love going to quilt shows. Looks like you got some lovely things to enjoy and to make even lovelier things with.

  5. I have a collection of Matreshka dolls, so that little red charm caught my eye.
    Looks like you made smart purchases and still had some fun. : )

  6. Lovely stash enhancers and notions. How disappointing the blue Babushka went missing!

  7. Thanks for sharing nice information with us.

  8. You found some lovely new things and had a very long day. Glad your husbands aunt loved her quilt. It was a beauty. Sorry about your little blue charm. I hate it when I loose things.


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