Saturday's All Day Quilting

The patchwork group I belong to (After Dark Quilters) have about four "All Day Quilting" sessions a year, where we meet to sit and talk, eat, laugh and sew from 10 am to 10 pm.  Its great therapy and a chance to spend some time on big sewing projects that need extra room.  I use to bring multiple projects but have learnt that attempting one is easier because you need to carry less in from the car AND I am more likely to achieve my goal, therefore go home happy! 
 Yesterday my goal was to pin my Eastwood wedding star quilt = tick,
  help Stacy pin her Christmas quilt (yum love the colours and the block suits the big designs!) = tick,

and start a charity quilt = tick.

But Stacy and Erolyn helped me turn a large collection of fat quarters that I won from Homespun magazine into this....
 nearly completed top.  We cut, pinned, stitched, ironed, unpicked and measured for most of the afternoon, but its amazing what three people can do in a short time.  The side borders have been pieced (because we only had fat quarters) but I was too tired to measure and sew them on last night.  I never make it to 10 pm!

I won the fat quarters a few years ago for a handy hint that I sent into Homespun magazine.  The fabrics were donated by Marcus Fabrics and the range was by Faye Burgos, but I cannot find the title for it.    The fabrics had been washed and in the cupboard for a long time, but I couldn't decide what to make with them because they had lots of rose prints on them, and florals are not my thing.  However there were lots of non floral prints also, so when I discovered them in the cupboard this week I decided Snowball block would be a good way to see some of the floral but not be overwhelmed by them. 

 We also helped Erolyn pin her Fan mini quilt and gave her some ideas about quilting it.  Erolyn hand quilts beautifully but has a new machine and wants to learn how to machine quilt.  I think this is a pretty impressive practise piece don't you!
 Janet was busy making silk scarves, but her cute Suffolk puff Elephant friend keeping a close eye on her.  
 Julie was on a mission to finish quilting the three tops she had pinned and/or half started, this is the one she is going to use as a coffee table topper - I love the combination of these fresh colours and prints. 

Debbie was busy making more blocks for her Civil War quilt.  There are lots of small pieced blocks in between so so has a lot of work ahead of her, but she is a dedicated quilter!
Sorry I didn't get pictures of everyone's projects or the food for that matter!  Happy quilting Sue.


  1. Thank you for showing us your sewing day. Great projects. Sounds like a fantastic and productive day was had. Jealous.

  2. How awesome that you have a sewing day (or days!)!! Great projects! It's always great to feel like you've achieved something. AND... basting a quilt together is so much easier than alone! (I need some sewing friends!!)


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