Just the bare essentials!

Just thought you might like to see what I brought on my mini shopping spree today and Sunday.  These are the cream backgrounds I got...just a bit wrinkled as I made the most of the extreme tempratures and washed and dried them straight away.  And yes that is more of the brown stripe I made my machine cover from (far left), I have plans for more matching sewing accessories!
 And because I have so many lovely mustard and brown hexagons,

blue and black hexagons,

red, rust and pink hexagons,
 I had to buy some more greens, so these completed hexagons didnt feel lonely anymore.  I had already brought the purples and purple/browns at the show in November, but alas I obviously havent made any new ones since then!

Happy quilting, Sue.

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  1. Great shopping! Looks like they were all excellent additions to your stash.


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