More February finishes

Can you tell that I didn't spend the weekend cleaning and the kids managed to occupy themselves in relative harmony? 
This is what became of the purchased pink flannel, I am so glad I didnt let it sit in the cupboard for a year!  I was saved from a trip to the shop as I found a scrap of visafix and the teddy was SO much easier to put together LOL!  I think he is much cuter to, I machine embrodered his features this time, only did his eyes by hand.  Hopefully that will also make him a bit sturdier in the washing machine. 

A shot of the second cube I made, I only brought two bells, so that's all the baby toys for now.
 This is a awful confession to make, as I have been a quilter for 11 years, but this is my first Little Quilt of Love.  Well I hope it is, as I have very scant directions as to what they are suppose to look like, but hopefully this will be suitable - its about 16 inches square.  I had a bit of a tidy up and found the beginnings of these four patches, left over from Phoebe's quilt, and some already cut border fabric, so it only took me a morning to make.  Therefore I have no excuse to not make some more in the near future.    

These are some strawberry pincushions I made a few weeks back, but didn't post about.  The pattern is off the Moda bakeshop website.  I only used scrap fabric, so I think that they would look nicer in different prints.  They were quick, easy and fun to make so will make some more in the future - when I have nice scraps from my planned red log cabin. That is on hold though until I do some work towards finishing another just stop getting distracted! 
Happy quilting Sue SA.


  1. You are finishing lots lately! Love the strawberry pincushions. And just as well you didn't hit the shops again!

  2. Great finishes! Your little quilt is beautiful. The flannel looks like it will be lovely and snuggly.


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