What I did during the week

 I intended to post during the week, but life got in the way.  I finished this pencil roll on Monday, its a gift for our niece who started school this  year.  I had made the top (and practised my free motion quilting) and quilted it, then decided that  I didn't want the seam lines from the inside showing on the outside.  I used a combination of patterns for this roll, as I wanted a quilted top, but didn't want to bind it.

So it went on the back burner, until I worked out that a piece of interfacing on the back of the inside should work, which it did.  I posted it off during the week, so its a bit late as a "welcome to school - your a big girl now" present, but I hope she wont mind.
 This is my cushion cover, all pieced and quilted.  The only other time I have made pieced cushion covers I didn't quilt them and they had a shorter then anticipated life expectancy.  Our cushions get lots of wear, the kids cart them around, jump on them, throw them, you get the picture!  Anyway our lounge is without cushions at present so I need to do some more work soon.
 But did I mention previously that I get distracted easily?  Hmm and that I like string piecing and red?
 Yep, reckon I did.  So this is what I made on Wednesday afternoon.  Its a free pattern (yes FREE) that I found at http://www.allpeoplequilt.com/ and its called Summer Table Runner.  I did alter the pattern slightly
because I wanted it bigger (just didn't trim it back as much as they suggested) and I didn't have heart shaped buttons so made my own freezer paper template for the seeds and needle turn appliqued them on.  Its pictured here on my coffee table, but is actually taking pride of place on my dining table at present.  This runner makes me smile every time I see it - I think it says summer loud and clear!
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. Cool table runner! Thanks for the link!

  2. Everything looks fabulous! How are you going to finish your cushions?


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