Little happy dance

This weekend I dug around in the cupboard and unearthed from the depths of a box this UFO - recorded on my list as a  Log Cabin quilt as you go cot quilt.    So I put it on the design wall (which had to be rescued from use as a cubby house in my family room) AND I sewed, cut, trimmed, googled and sewed until
 it was NEARLY FINISHED! Can you hear the sounds of my little happy dancing feet?  Well the hips were swaying and the feet were grooving when....

Oh oh, that little voice in my head was saying...."why don't you make it bigger?" 

Hmm that's the problem, because it is a QAYG (Quilt As You Go) I could add another row quite "easily".  That's the dilemma. 

Its only a dilemma because I have lots of already cut strips and I stupidly recorded how much the fabric cost me.  Hmmm, this was about 8 years ago mind you!  The baby it was intended for is now at school and luckily got another quilt some years ago.  What do you think?  Its currently 33" x 44".

The main reason it has taken so long to do, is because the original instructions were to hand sew the binding strips on it - that and the fact I didn't actually own a walking foot when I started it, which was a really really bad idea!   I have had two prior attempts to finish it, but I don't really like the colours, so only finished a block or two extra.  Still it is plenty big enough for a cot now.  If I don't add the extra row I will need to decide what to do with the left over strips? 

This is my other "nearly finished" UFO.  I added a border - can you tell?  I don't know if it needs another border (pieced or plain), but I can say its big enough now (big lap), as I want to use it on our couch, so it doesn't have to grow huge. 
Happy quilting and dancing, Sue SA.


  1. I thnk they are both very nice Sue and both big enough, well done!

  2. The border looks perfect! I don't think it needs anything else. The log cabin looks intricate and so lovely. It must feel fabulous to have the tops close to done.


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