More spending and some finishes

OK, so I know that I didn't need any more of ANYTHING but somehow these extra bits made it home with me last week.  I got the red/white bundle of fat quarters for a bargain $30 so you can understand why I brought that.  I am a bit fixated with heat bags at present, as I have had issues with my back for some time now and a hot wheat bag gives me some relief - however I was thinking these would make cute presents hence I brought another Millamac pattern!  These were purchased at the SA guild meeting and the rest of the fabric I brought on Thursday, when I popped into my local quilt shop...well I was child free and needed some pink flannel.  The car fabric is for a car cosy for DH nephew and the dogs, well I don't have many dogs in my stash! 
I would swear off going into shops, but I am out of visafix so I will have to go back today!
 This cutie, is the reason I needed some pink flannel.  I brought this baby blue flannel (with blue check on the back) about a year ago, to make this cot sized blanket, because I loved the pattern (from Quilt a gift by Barri Sue Gaudet) and knew it would be a great present.  The bear is suppose to be made of wool felt, but I only had non wool felt, so I made him out of scraps of flannel.  But I forgot to use visafix and traced him out using the freezer paper templates I had made for the felt.  It was all a bit of struggle, but well worth it,as I still think he is very cute!  I wanted to make a second blanket in pink, as we have six friends expecting babies in the first seven months of this year.  I already have 2 cot quilts made, (1 boy and 1 girl), but really didn't want to make anymore, I thought it would distract me from trying to finish some UFO's.  Hasn't made any difference as I am so good at finding distractions!
 And this is the latest distraction I made yesterday.  A baby "cube", its not really that small as the blocks were cut at 5".  I added a bell inside (a pet bell, 99cents from Woollies) so it makes a lovely sound and a hanger, so it can be hung from a babies gym or attached to the pram.  I was so chuffed with it I made second one in farm animal prints, which will have to be in a separate post as I am having more technical issues, eg. I cannot find the photo I took!

 Happy quilting Sue!

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  1. More great fabric shopping. Those red and white fabrics look fabulous. The cube looks like a great baby gift. The bear is cute.


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