Summer has arrived!

Adelaide hasn't had any really hot days so far this summer, but then we had 42C yesterday and 43C today,  with a balmy overnight low of 28C, so we are all looking forward to the "cool" tomorrow, a much anticipated 35C!  DS2 refused a sleep on Saturday, despite my efforts all afternoon, hence I didn't get to the shops.  Lucky for me my local patchwork shop is open on Sundays (Tricia's Discount Fabrics, Edwardstown) but unluckily for the credit card, as I blew off some steam at finally getting out of the house child free!  Its a good thing that I didn't try to make any new year promises about not buying fabric, as I brought home four metres of background fabric (tone on tones in creams/beige) for that all important reason, "just because"!

The three sewing kits I made to send to Qld are finished and kitted out with scissors, threads, tape measures and needles. 

Barri Sue Gaudet pattern from Quilt a Gift
 This pattern was from the book Quilt a Gift by Barri Sue Gaudet, that DH brought me last year (?) which I adore, but hadn't made anything from until now.  These are NOT the colours that the author used, but it was a matter of finding fabric in my stash that matched the felt I had on hand.  I am not sure how practical the ribbon ties will be, where I have the pencil and tape measure you are suppose to store four spools of thread.  I enjoyed making this, but cheated and didn't do all the lovely embroidery as per the pattern.
Barri Sue Gaudet pattern (pin cushion and front of needle book) from Quilt a Gift
 I did keep in the colour scheme here, but it was the last bit of suitable pink fabric I had.  Because I didn't think that Ms Gaudet's pattern was just what I needed, I used her lovely embroidery for the front and then designed my own needle book, which I think is spot on!  I have one pocket for a packet of needles, two for pens/pencils, one for scissors, a felt "book" for needles in use and then on the other side is a big pocket, perfect for storing floss, tape measure, fat quarters etc.

Couch Companion by Leanne Beasley
I made myself one of Leanne Beasley's Couch companions last year and I LOVE it, BUT I knew that I was going to run out of time so skipped all the stitchery on the front and pin cushion.  As compensation I used the beautiful Michelle Hill William Morris fabrics that I won at the Guild meeting in December.  This is a handy sewing kit, because it has plenty of pockets, but I did reinforce the underside of the pin cushion with wadding then interfacing, so the pins don't go right through.  DH found out the hard way when he picked up mine over Christmas, ouch! Oh and I used one of the fancy stitches on my machine to do a line of machine embroidery across the pin cushion. 

Tomorrow I am meeting a friend at Patchwork Apple, sadly they are closing the doors in March but happily have decided to have a closing down sale.  I am keen to get some more fabrics to match my hexagons, with the thought of actually DOING something with them, hmm, well at least I will have the fabric when I get motivated!  Happy quilting Sue.


  1. Thay look absolutely wonderful. I am positive that whoever gets them will just be so appreciative.That makes the effort in making them seem like nothing.

  2. Lovely gifts I am sure they will be appreciated and loved. This heat has caught us all off guard I think..... no gentle lead up to it.


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