Happy Australia Day

We have been enjoying "traditional" Australia Day fare, with roast lamb last night, lamington's for morning tea and I have planned a BBQ & salad with pavlova & strawberries for tea. We had a friend of mine from the UK arrive yesterday afternoon and my tidy up took more time that I had anticipated, hence I hadn't posted over the weekend on my resolve to find UFO's.

I did complete a big clean up in the sewing/spare room and found all my UFO's. I have had one quick update of the list and will just add another few after I have completed this post. I was certainly full of ideas when I saw some of them (Eastwood challenge quilt) but overwhelmed by the amount of work involved in others eg. Millamac wall hanging. This is a good turn around though as the math's associated with adding borders in a medallion quilt (challenge) is what resulted in it becoming a UFO in the first place. I think the Millamac just got shelved because we were either moving house or I was having baby #2, I cannot remember it was so long ago!

Now I am going to confess straight away that my UFO list doesn't contain Christmas projects (I like to do one a year if not two) nor does it include the surprising amount of orphan blocks I found. I was a bit excited about the number of completed nine patches I found, so might have to avoid getting distracted playing with them for a week or two.

Over the weekend I completed Toby's quilt (see above), pinned Phoebe's quilt (see top pic) -Mum is quilting it, her share of work as its for her friends granddaughter and nearly completed the doll carrier. I made the mattress, pillow and quilt for the carrier, but got stuck with applying the binding on the carrier. I used a heavier interfacing then recommended and I think I have broken three needles. The poor sewing machine isn't enjoying putting the binding on and neither have I! I also cut the top of my finger (in the kitchen), so now not looking forward to hand sewing the binding down. However Mr3yo is keen I finish the doll carrier so he can put his favorite bed time companions to bed in it!

I am off for a short break tomorrow to country Victoria with the kids and our UK visitor (to see my family & the family farm) so I wont be blogging for awhile. I hope you enjoy the rest of your Australia Day and happy quilting! Sue.


  1. Great finishes Sue. Looking forward to seeing the dolly carrier. I am sewing on yet some more binding. We took Gabe to Motorfest today in the city. Hope you have a great break.

  2. Great quilts! I love your UFO list too and have many of my own. So many in fact that the list would be longer than blogger could possibly cope! (hangs head in shame) lol

    Australia Day was pretty busy here in Murray Bridge.


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