The wonders of technology

Yipee, I have finally had five minutes of peace and quiet (whilst blogging) and managed to work out how to add those cool lists down the side of your blog. So the first list is patchwork and craft projects I completed in 2009 (just to get me motivated) and I am sure there was more but I will really have to grind the cogs to remember the rest. Then a list of what I am currently working on, to keep me motivated and on track! And finally a list of what is hiding in my cupboard and been there awhile!

Those UFO's really do find their way into the deepest darkest corners of my sewing cupboard, so perhaps it is time that I had a proper clean up and re-acquainted myself with some of them. I am not sure that I want to put time frames on any of these UFO's but perhaps I will aim to at least go through the cupboard and make a final list this weekend. I could add a fourth list of quilts I want to make, but that will be a bigger distraction and bound to result in more UFO's then completed projects!

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  1. I have a list in my head which turns out to be very flexible! (LOL)I still have the round robin in my cupboard (aka plastic storage box). I ma not ready to tackle that yet although I had worked out what I was going to do for each round. Its the thought of the maths that is putting me off.


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