Single bed quilts

I had a lovely time away, catching up with my family and also taking my UK farmer friend on a whistlestop tour of the family farm before he headed off north for the rest of his holiday.

Unfortunatly, or fortunately (depending which family member you ask) my mother is also a patchworker, infected by myself, she is now well and truely addicted. So my trips home always involve show and tell and sometimes we get some time to sew, in between entertaining small children and my lunching/catching up with friends. Mum is on a misson to finish three of four quilts she is displaying in her groups show in April. So I dont think it was really on her radar to finish these two quilts, but I couldnt help myself when I saw them! The red and teal quilt was all pieced but just needed the rows completing and sewing together. When I insisted we finish them, Mum completed this one. However she wasnt keen on tackling the other - the blue and green quilt had all the blocks completed but they were different sizes, hence she had stuck them back in the box and they had become a UFO. I trimmed the blocks all to the same size and them sewed the top up. They are flannel, so stretched a bit, but come together OK, given that nobody really know how the pattern was suppose to go! Just to make sure that they didnt go back in to the too hard basket, I also stitched up the left overs and added them to a piece of flannel that she had brought for backing, to make it wide enough. So hopefully next time I go home there are two quilted flannel single bed quilts...we will see!

I sewed the binding down on the attic windows quilt for Luca, and his grandfather came and picked it up. Luca lives in Canberra ACT, and will be visiting at Easter so he has to wait a few more months before he gets to lie on it. I have ticked this project off my to do list, but feeling frustrated it is only one thing given how much sewing I did do! I also handed over Phoebe's quilt top (already pinned) for Mum to quilt and post off to Sydney when its done. I did finish half the binding on the doll basket, but Mr 3yrold has already taken posession and isnt keen to give it back! Mind you I am not keen to have it back, I broke three needles trying to do the underneath binding and the machine still complained and jumped stitches, so it is not a solid seam. At this stage I dont think anyone is going to mind, but will try and reattempt one evening when I am not so tired and Mr3yr is in bed.

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  1. Hello fellow Elinor. Gosh all those quilt tops. Good work so that they don't remain unfinished. You inspirired me to put a list on my blog too. Now I just have to work out how to add a Flickr link i.e. be in the right frame of mind to tackle it. Glad to hear you had a nice break.


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