More achievements from December

Now I just need to learn the skill of how to get the pictures to appear AFTER the text, hmm technology might be leaving me behind now I am in my 4th decade!

I have added a photo of the self designated "worlds smallest table runner", a gift for my oldest friend and her husband. They do have a fairly small dining table, but as I am yet to visit her since she got the table runner I am unsure as to it was the right size or not. I wanted to make the New York Beauty block, but pre Christmas pressures got to much for me and I fought alot with this block, despite Lessa Siegele's fantastic pattern and instructions (from a SA Guild workshop nearly 2 years ago).

I made Leanne Beasley's Couch Companion for myself. I don't normally use pink, but I was so taken with her fabric/colour combination I had to use the same. Usually I like to do it in my own colours, but I am a lover of the murky/country palette, so I thought that it was time to try some pink!

Now if I could just be organised and drag the lamp into the lounge room then I might use my couch companion to get the binding completed on a cot quilt or two.

I have to confess instead of spending the day sewing down bindings or stippling... I cut a pile of 2 1/2" squares from my fabric scraps. I have done the blue box, red/purple/pink box and now up to the yellow/brown/orange box. I think its a good thing my husband doesnt look in my sewing room, otherwise he will think I have gone mad. Its not that I dont have a decent stash of fabric, its just that I decided I wanted to make a "true" scrap quilt. AND that a fellow quilter told me that if I used pre cut squares as "followers" and "leaders" (when starting and finishing your chain piecing) then I could make a quilt top out of them. Good idea I thought, but would have been better one if I had a lot of charm squares to use up! Instead I am IRONING scraps in 40 C heat! I wonder if thats why I am not up to confronting the digital camera issue? Happy quilting, Sue.


  1. Wow girl you are sewing up a storm. All looks fantastic. I have some Nancy Halverson fabrics and chenille for Christmas stocking but I ran out of time for 2009. Maybe 2010.

  2. My other NYR should have been to schedule a Christmas in July sewing session. I use to attend Patchwork camp (when we lived in Victoria) in July/Aug and it was a great time to start a Christmas project. Then when I rediscovered it, (half done) in November I was always pleased as it seemed achievable and you had the deadline to motivate you - as opposed to finding UFO's where there is no deadline!


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