New Year and new resolutions

Welcome 2010 and heres to making and sticking to New Years Resolutions. I dont normally make NYR but having started this blog three months ago but not posted once I thought that a commitment to maintaining a blog would make a good NYR! My biggest blog hurdle is getting the photos off the camera and onto the computer, but again a good NYR to have completed this process to memory by the end of the year, so that it is second nature.

These are two floor cushions I made recently to replace ones "lost" in the post a few months ago. The motor bike cushion is for my best friends son (motorbike fabric is very hard to find!) and the other for her husband. Another NYR - never to post anything I make by ordinary mail - Australia Post cannot track it and simply dont care. I would rather hand deliver even if means the receiver has to wait a few months, as was the case here. If anyone comes across a lovely foundation pieced black bear cushion with an acorn border, please let the Patchwork Police know!

I have completed lots of projects and UFO's in the last few months that I want to share, so I will try and get them up in the next few weeks. Happy quilting, Sue.

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  1. Welcome Sue. Looking forward to seeing some more projects.


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