Summer Heat

I have been cruising the internet today checking out other peoples blogs and realised that it wasnt too late to publish a picture of my completed Christmas projects. This is a picture of my Gail Pan BOM stitchery, that she published for free last year on her blog. I was very pleased with it, it took awhile to find the right fabric for the sashing and borders, but going shopping for more fabric is half the fun!

I havent been keeping track of the actual daily high, but fairly sure this is the third day above 40 degrees, with 43 degrees C forcast for tommorow. I dont like the heat, generally prefer it to be cold (says she who has never lived anywhere it snows!), but I have discovered that it also provides the perfect excuse to stay in doors and sew! Today I spent the morning cutting up all my novelty scraps into 4" and 5" squares ready for an I Spy quilt. It didnt take long, so I then cut 2 x 6.5" squares of every bit of animal, insect and bird fabric I owned. So now I am hoping to make a Animal I Spy quilt for my children and a charity quilt with the duplicate blocks. I am quite a few blocks short of my ambition for a single bed size so I might have to move onto my mothers stash. It is funny what you learn about yourself when you sort your stash, I didnt have one horse fabric and only one dog and cat print, but loads of cows, chooks, sheep, ladybirds and pigs!

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