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I have been madly quilting the two cot quilts, after getting them both pinned on Sunday. I dont usually do any fancy machine quilting (stick to straight lines) and certainly havent attempted anything bigger then a cot quilt since I became a patchworker (10 yrs ago) and finished my sampler (2 yrs later). However a "new" second hand Bernina (gift from my parents for a '0' birthday last year) with stitch regulation has been quietly biding its time in my sewing nook. Then the cot quilt with marine animals just screamed "stippling required" at me! So I gritted my teeth and had a little experiement, looked OK, so I jumped in with both feet. The end result was only deemed OK because it is a first attempt, so I just hope the recipriant doesn't grow up to be a quilt valuer.
I hope to post with pictures next time, I have had some technical difficulties as I didnt clear the camera after my last download and apparently the computer doesnt like downloading it a second time. Anyrate it is a good excuse to finally go and get the Christmas photos printed. Now I just have to aim to get them into an album before Christmas this year! Happy quilting, Sue.

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  1. Ooooo a Bernina with stitch regulator. I so covet one of those.


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