So you start with a pile of fabric that screams "use me!"
And you search the web looking for inspiration. 
Source: (blog by Lisa Tutman-Oglesby, pattern by Moda Bake shop).
And then you think "Oh yeah I have made this pattern before, but in blue.  Look I even quilted it myself!  
Hmmm I remember it being a bit fiddly because the pieces for the flippy triangles were little.  
I am in a hurry, I want to use up some stash and create a new quilt NOW!
Oh look the cutting sizes are bigger.
Oh, look I made a quilt top!
Autumn is the best time of the year - so I made a quilt to celebrate.
It had absolutely nothing to do with wanting to use up some brown fabric, nothing at all! 
Happy quilting Sue ; )


  1. as soon as i saw the top photo, i said to myself that Sue has already made a quilt with this pattern, and then I scrolled down and you said it too! Nice quilt, well done.

  2. Nailed it Sue! Blends right in with the autumn garden. Nothing beats that irresistible urge to create combined with having time and supplies!

  3. Well, it is lovely--even the second time around! Love the Fall colors. Do you still have many of the fabrics left or did it clean them up?

  4. Wow! Your quilt looks fantastic. And it doesn't appear to have taken you long at all. Did you clear out most of your stash of browns, or is there another quilt yet to be made?

  5. great quilt and love the autumn colours photo shoot........

  6. That's one of my favorite patterns, even though I haven't made one yet. But, look at you, you've done it twice and both are fantastic. Your fall colors are great and look how fast you did that! Wow!

  7. Wow, that was quick. Looks perfect for this season. Lovely work.

  8. How awesome that you did this with scraps! It does indeed sport an autumn flavor! The blue one, however, really catches my eye.


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