Nothing to see here!

I am a bit overloaded with a head cold, paid work and volunteer tasks at present so have not achieved a lot of sewing.  Well the truth is I haven't done any!  But my darling Mum has been hard and work and finished the binding for me on this sweet citrus table runner.
I used a nice orange for the backing.  Orange is a rare fabric in my stash so I was almost a bit sad to hide it on the back.
But it did show up the quilting rather well.  Nothing terribly clever, just stitch in the ditch and more zig zag along the edges to replicate the design.
My terribly clever boys brought me a new house, a Lego house that is for Mothers Day!
We had fun making it together.  I enjoyed a cooked breakfast and the next day enjoyed a even bigger present.....a new fridge & freezer!  
It was not really my mothers day present, but I am having fun telling people that I got white goods all the same!  And it is so nice to not hear that rattle and hum all night of my old fridge as it was slowly & very loudly dying!  
Happy quilting Sue


  1. the table runner looks great... hope you feel heaps better soon

  2. Hope you're feeling better soon. Sounds like you have a lot to do. Nothing wrong with new white goods.......they keep on giving all year!

  3. Sorry you have been under the weather. : (
    Such a fresh, pretty runner!
    Great Mother's Day gifts--a house, and appliances. Couldn't ask for more. *LOL*

  4. Hope you're feeling better and I love that mum came to the rescue with your binding. Mom are like that, as you know.


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