Quilting Hookers Hat Patch wall hanging

Remember these little blocks?  
I think they are called Anvil blocks, but Carol Hopkins called her creation Hookers Hat Patch in her book Civil War Legacies, which is  my design source.
They have been made into a top, pinned and ready for quilting, for ages, and ages!
So I spent a day with friends doing a bit of quilting.  It was perfect really as I had to chop and change thread colours and stop and start blocks.  Chatting away as I quilted.
I finished all the little blocks, SID and the borders.  I just quilted straight lines along the stripes in the border fabric.  But now second guessing that idea as there seems to be a wobble in my edges : (
Do I dream up some lovely little quilting design to go in the red zig zag sashing, or do I leave this space empty?
There is no rush to finish this wall hanging.  
I am just unsure if more is better or less is fine?
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. What a sweet little quilt!
    I think I would be inclined to just do a straight stitch following the center of your zig-zag sashing to keep the density of the quilting kind of balanced. But there is nothing wrong with leaving it as is,if that is your preference.

  2. Super cute finish. I'd go along with what Janet said. She's the master of the mini. Glad you had a productive day.

  3. Great pattern and lovely little quilt. I would take the pins out and see if it needs more quilting. You will know if you can leave it or add more.

  4. Oh I love it........no help with the quilting.......sorry


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