Progress report

With my new job there has not been a lot of time spent at the sewing machine.  
However I was pleased to get the Stitch In the Ditch (SID) done on this cot quilt.
 Deciding how to quilt the borders was a a frustration.  In the end I went with wonky zig zags.
 I just made it up as I went along!  And then I liked it so much I did a second row ; )
Might use this again, I like it so much.
Binding all made, attaching it is on my to do list!
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. Looking very lovely. We have to grab our sewing time when we can get it.

  2. Looks great to me, Sue. I like the border quilting doubled like that. I'll have to remember that. : )

  3. The hst's are so straight and in perfect rows, the wonky zig zag border is just their rebellious side. Super cute.

  4. That is a great design for the border quilting.

  5. that is such an effective quilt - I find deciding how to quilt takes me ages...

  6. This cot quilt is so pretty. The colours are fresh and bright. Charming!

  7. Looks like having a job is not holding you back from getting things finished!!


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