I have been rummaging in my stash - the old stash, which I have been whittling down over the last few years.  I am proud to say I am down to two boxes of old stash (new stash is a different story) and there is a LOT of brown in there.
I can feel a new quilt coming on ; )
But on my immediate to do list was this citrus table runner top. I found it another box, forlorn, abandoned and half finished.  So I trimmed the edges, pinned and quilted it and bingo with a few hours work it was nearly done.  Now it is sitting on top of my binding pile.  
Yep, I have a binding pile!  
 I don't usually have a binding pile.  I love binding, but lately my hands have objected (painfully) to hand stitching.  So there are a few things in the pile that I will get to, eventually, when I figure what else triggers my hand pain...and stop doing it!  I am not going to stop hand binding.
  I love hand banding : )
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. you are amazing again, and I hear congrats are in order, well done!

  2. I have some of those same fabrics in my old stash. *LOL*
    Oh, the citrus runner is so pretty! I can smell the fresh citrus fruits now.
    I hope you find the answer to your painful hands. That is no fun.

  3. Table runner looks fresh and pretty. Take care of yourself and don't overdo it.

  4. Looks like you, Janet O and I have some of the same fabrics. How funny. I like the fresh look of your table runner. Don't over do with the bindings. Maybe just slow and steady.

  5. You have an old stash and a new stash!!! I just have a stash. And it got added to nicely last week as when I was in the Mount one of the quilt shops had 50% off all full price fabric, including precuts & kits. So a few jelly rolls might now be making friends with my old stash!
    The table runner looks great & I cant wait to see what you do with the browns. Starting a new quilt is always fun.

  6. Hope the hands get better quick so you can get back to sewing..


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