Fabric acquisitions and giant pears

hmmm, fabric acquisitions, just a fancy term for buying more fabric?
This gorgeous charm pack and tiny scissors was a present from my friend Stacy.
And this little bundle of reproduction prints was a present from my friend Lisa!  
I did buy the "muffin" packs (10 x fat 1/8s) from Threadbear at Castlemaine - because I don't really have any orange in my stash, let alone my reproduction stash.  But they look suspiciously gold in this photo.
Confession I did buy all these 30 cm cuts - also from our trip to Castlemaine!  I needed some bright yellow and strong greens.  The brick reds at the end were "just because" purchases ...a) I liked the print and b) they were on sale!  The soft green the other end wasn't on sale...but I had to have it!
And this my friends is my super sized home grown pear, all 742 grams of it - or for my American friends = 1 pound 10 oz!  My son took it to school for show and tell and it came home very bruised.  When I cut it up, it was all floury and not nice, which was disappointing as the rest of the crop has been lovely.
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. Nice stash enhancement! I really need to go to Threadbear.

  2. Lovely "acquisitions". : )
    Wow, you know how to grow pears! My Dad's tree yields nothing like this!

  3. Ohh beautiful acquisitions!

  4. ooooh those acquisitions are delicious even if the giant pear wasn't

  5. Oh, we all know about "just because". That's one super sized pear. Bummer that it wasn't that great inside. :0(

  6. Nice acquisitions, I have some of my own today!

  7. great fabrics.....love them all........bugger about the pear...........


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