Spring table runner

Lisa came for a cuppa and brought her new hand sewing project - Clam shells.
While were talking I dragged out this table runner I have been working on....for months!
 I had actually done more then I realised.  Just got one more flower here to finish.
 This ones done.
Together they look like this.
 The centres been finished for ages.
But unfortunately there is more tulips to do along the sides.  Still I have made progress!
This pattern is called Spring Blooms applique table runner by Norma Whaley, from Timeless Traditions Quilts.
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. Oh, those clamshells look like an ambitious project!
    That is a really fun design for a table runner. Norma Whaley did a workshop 30 minutes away from me back in January, but I was over my quilting budget, so I did not attend. She has some really nice patterns. How many more of those tulips are involved in finishing the sides?

  2. Lovely design, orange peels are my favourite.

  3. Your finish is so close, don't give up. Those clamshells are very pretty too.

  4. looks good, maybe if I did more smaller projects I would have more finishes!?

  5. How lovely to sew together and your tulips look great... I love clamshells too...


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