Final quilt for 2015

I looked at my 2015 wish list and WIP/UFO list a few weeks ago ....and panicked!   Then I found time and inspiration I needed to get these little quilts finished.  DH found the dowel required to hang them.
Only problem was we had to hang them on a new wall....the original wall of mini quilts is full!  This is next to my front door - the original owners had speakers hard wired into this room, which shouldn't be a problem, except when your trying to hang quilts!
But I still had one outstanding WIP. The bears paw wall hanging.  Well its suppose to be a table topper.  I quilted it simply with a diagonal cross hatching.  Its got the hanger corners on, but no label yet.
 I washed it to get rid of the marking pencil.  I am relatively new to using cotton wadding.  I forgot that it makes for crinkly quilts AND I draped it over a drying rack, which made the centre puff up?!!  I like this quilt.  Cannot say I love it.  But looking at it daily might change that, lets hope!
Hanging little quilts is interesting when they are very different sizes!  Think I will have to make some more to match my Temecula We wish you a Merry Christmas, otherwise it looks a bit funny by itself.  Any excuse to make more mini quilts!
Happy 2016 and happy quilting, Sue.


  1. Looks very fun, Sue. I agree--any excuse to make a mini quilt! *LOL*

  2. At least a mini quilt is quicker, I think, maybe I should make a list for 2016???

  3. What a great display and a wonderful way to add color to your room.

  4. Wishing you a happy new year of many mini quilts! They can be a bit tricky to hang together but your display looks great


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