Bright stars

Stitching is a rare event at present, as I cope with a shoulder that gives me pain all the way down my arm.  However another trip to the physio and a better desk (current one is too high, which is what upsets my shoulder) will soon fix this problem, hopefully for good.

However I wanted to sew despite the discomfort.  The enormity of the acts of terrorism in Paris on television kept me updated, but required me to see solace in easy, chain piecing using up left over half square triangles from my rainbow scrappy challenge projects.  I made some brighter blocks - to cheer myself up and pray for a time when individuals seek comfort and happiness in peaceful activities instead of seeking power and destruction.
I honestly believe if everyone had a creative hobby like sewing or gardening, the world would be a better place!
Happy quilting Sue
PS My computer has some issues that I cannot resolve (eg the thingy isn't reading the whatchamacallit) and so I am forced to use the computer at the library.  Hence you are getting a old post which was luckily in draft format awaiting me to approve it.  Hang in there I will be back, hopefully with some up to date photos made since my shoulder has improved sufficiently for some sewing :)


  1. lovely stars... I do hope the shoulder sorts soon ... xx

  2. Cheerful stars, Sue, good luck with the computer and hope your should heals fast!

  3. Your stars are cheerful and bright. Hope your shoulder and computer are better soon.

  4. I feel the same. Hope your shoulder improves soon.

  5. Pretty stars in preparation for Christmas. My shoulders are giving me grief too, not much fun is it?

  6. Love those happy stars.
    Wouldn't that be a lovely world if we all put our energies into creativity rather than destruction?
    I am in physical therapy for a shoulder problem, too. Hope yours gets remedied soon.


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