Temecula Quilt Company - We wish you a Merry Christmas part 1

I would like to say that I made one of these blocks a day, following the Temecula Quilt Company free patterns - We wish you a Merry Christmas (on their blog HERE), in the lead up to Christmas.  But the truth was while I was offline I was ignorantly bliss, as soon as the computer kicked back into gear, I immediate gorged on these sweet patterns and made all five at once!  

To put the size into perspective the blocks currently measure 2 3/4"!!
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. Those tiny little quilt blocks look wonderful!

  2. I've saved the patterns, but have gone no further. I like that you used Christmas-y colors. : )

  3. Good for you, they are adorable. I was tempted but just didn't have enough motivation.


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