What have I been working on?

This should be a much longer post.  But alas despite several hours work from DH, pulling apart the computer, printer and non ergonomic desk and then reinstalling computer and printer on an old unattractive but perfect height laminex table - my computer still has issues.  
Well really only one issue, for some reason the software that downloads my photos from camera onto the computer isn't working AND all the photos that were on that software have disappeared.  I have lots of new quilting things to show you....but the pictures are stuck on my camera, so frustrating :(

 Still I have one photo you haven't seen previously, an updated shot of the pieced red and white Dresden's.  Now that I have stitched eight down onto the background, I have started to think about what I am going to use for the centers.  I have four more to applique on before I am ready to do the centers, but going to start auditioning reds.  I am leaning towards using different reds for each center, but we will see.  

Life is getting busy here with all the Christmas associated social functions starting to kick in, as well as usual preparations for the 25th.  I hope to fix this IT issue (well DH is the IT Fixer!, not a job title he relishes) soon before we hit the madness that always happens in the last five days before Christmas!
Happy quilting, Sue.


  1. Who my goodness, I'm in love. That is gorgeous progress. Is the background some kind of linen? It's the perfect backdrop.

  2. Hope your computer issues get resolved soon, but your Dresdens are looking sharp

  3. What a statement those blocks make. This will be an incredible quilt!

  4. i had trouble getting my photos from my camera it kept telling me there was an error, so I downloaded them from the SD card onto my computer, but when I bought a new SD card for the camera, it worked again??

  5. that is so stunning... still hoping for yoiu the computer issues are sorted soon....

  6. Your dresdens look fabulous. Good luck with the IT.

  7. Your red and white dresdens look wonderful! I love it so far :0)

  8. Hope your computer issues are resolved soon. Love the Dresden plates!


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