Red and White Dresdens are stitched

My favorite WIP, the Red and White pieced Dresdens, are all stitched down onto their backgrounds.  
Trying to get a good photo was tricky. And yes, I probably should have ironed them first!
This is a better shot as the true colour comes through, but I couldn't fit all the blocks in the lens!
Still you get the idea.  I cannot made up my mind about the colour for the centres.  I thought the choice would be between white/cream print or red print.
But it turned out that the 2.5" strips were not wide enough to make a centre from, so I couldn't use the left over light strips from my dresden's.  Instead I tried some French General reds.
The red print is a bit distracting, but I like the size better then the plain red.
You can see the size difference here.  I am not going to have enough of this solid red - I cut into a layer cake square to get it.  So I am either going shopping or finding another suitable fabric, perhaps a red with a very small print out of the same layer cake.
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. which do you want to use for the centres.........I am sure I have this quilt........

  2. So much work in this beautiful quilt. It looks fabulous. Would you use different centres for each dresden, to stretch your stash?

  3. Your blocks are spectacular. It must be the holiday season because they make me think of red and white peppermint swirls. I like the print for the centers, but you'll pick your favorite,

  4. These blocks are fantastic!
    I also like the FG print for the center, but it would certainly provide a stronger unifying element if you wanted them to all be solid red.

  5. Love this quilt. I think you're on the right track with the plain but smaller circle. I have lots of FG plain red if you need it.. It's going to be stunning.

  6. I love thia quilt, and prefer the solid red centres. Well done.

  7. I love thia quilt, and prefer the solid red centres. Well done.


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