Sweet stitching finishes

Finally I have some finishes to show you from my stitching day out at Warracknabeal. 
 This is the needle roll (called Little Bird Roll) designed by Shelly Kelley.  I found a sweet little "S" button in my sewing room that I got in a packet of buttons from the op shop...forgot that I had ever brought it, but amazing what goodies you find when you clean up the spare bedroom robe (and the linen press and laundry cupboards!).  So I just have to add the "loop" to catch the button and its done!
It has a great little pocket for thread and is a lovely addition to my sewing room, perfect for stitching on the run.  After borrowing more thread from my stitching neighbour Rose, I got the "Cornflower Blue - Doorstop stop by Leonie Bateman finished.  
Well that enabled me to get the applique finished then I had to sew it all together and fill it with kitty litter, which is very tricky!  We don't own a cat (we have budgies) so I am going to be making a lot more doorstops before I run out of kitty litter!
I enjoyed the wool applique so much that Lisa (and hopefully Rose) and I are back off to Quilters Harvest, Warracknabeal on Sunday for another wool applique class - this time with USA teacher Debbie Busby.
Happy sewing, Sue.


  1. Your're on a roll. Have fun this weekend. You can't stop playing wool once you get started.

  2. Two very clever projects, and it sounds like you will have a great weekend. Debbie's patterns look really fun!

  3. lovely sewing.... why kitty litter? is it a good weight? interesting...

  4. That's a cute little sewing roll. Love the wool applique

  5. well done on more finishes, looking forward to next year and hope some finishes for me???


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