Some progress with my WIP's

I got the quilting done on the Milky Way quilt two weekends ago. But unfortunately I had a few puckers on the back.  So I eventually got time to unpicked and resewed. I am now just hand stitching the binding down.
I went to the shops to get a backing for the pink and white chevron quilt (found and purchased) but also came home with a neutral jelly roll and a pattern!
I finally piece the backings I had picked for the two cowboy quilts.
Last weekend I made two more houses, there is a third one still in pieces, ready to go in the bottom right corner of this picture.  The blocks are 6" square and I  want to leave it at nine blocks, lost the enthusiasm for making more.
The houses are definitely going to be a wall hanging sized project.  But I cannot decide if I should be  a) making a different block to go along side them OR b) sewing them together and adding an interesting pieced border.   What do you think?
Happy quilting, Sue SA


  1. You have been busy, lots of finishing. The stars turned out really well. I like the houses. Maybe just a plain red binding would work. Sometimes a simple finish suits pieced blocks.

  2. Im in the “unless those puckers are actually folds –leave it “ camp. I admire you for unpicking...I would have convinced myself it looked fine. (It looks fabulous btw)

    9 houses is the perfect number for a mini wall hanging or a cushion cover. You go Girl!

  3. You've been accomplishing a lot. The Milky Way quilt pattern is a favorite one of mine. It looks good no matters the fabric choices. I'm in agreement with Shay. Unless those puckers are giant folds, I'd probably leave them. Your house blocks look great. I always have a hard time making mine come out right. They more or less always looking like a slanting shanty.

  4. I love the red and white houses, they are gorgeous and will make a lovely wall hanging. I cant imagine unpicking that much quilting but lucky I have not had too much pucker trouble. Not sure what i would do if faced with that, but when quilting i do check the back of the quilt after about every quarter section is done just to be sure.

  5. You are so productive. Your red and white houses are very cute.

  6. Your Milky Way quilt looks great. How did your FMQ go? What pattern did you use? I have absolutely NO willpower when it comes to fabric I like. I think a narrow sashing between the house blocks would look OK plus a border. It will be a lovely wall hanging.


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