Unexpected presents!

A few weeks ago a good friend dropped in and gave me this lovely bag.  It has a special pocket inside which includes a pen and notepad.  I had forgot to show it off, because I am too busy using it!  I think this lovely print (purchased in Africa)  helped the revived interest in Zebras at my house!  Although I don't think any more poor zebra have been sacrificed to feed the lions...I found the lions drinking milk...from the "milk tanker" out of the Thomas train set!
On Sunday I enjoyed a lovely afternoon sewing with a few friends, one who had recently cleaned out her stash.  I have plenty of novelty prints in my stash, but happy to take a few more on board, just to help out a friend of course!
Then on Monday a parcel arrived unexpectedly, with presents for me - a cute key chain purse,
 followed by some magazines and lots of matching fat quarters!  These cute kids prints are going to make a great quilt!  Can you see the great butterfly pattern I have already ear marked, I don't do enough cute girls cot quilts and I had seen a picture somewhere in blog land of this butterfly and now I have the pattern!
 And there were presents for my two boys, two super cute pillow cases each - all from my friend Karen.  The boys loved their new pillow cases and we had to immediately put them to use ; )
Then tonight DS2 told me he needed a library bag...apparently library day is tomorrow! He requested lion and zebra fabric, and surprisingly I had some that fitted the bill!  
So this is my first finish for February.  But I have been enjoying everyone else's hard work and generosity!
Happy quilting, Sue SA.


  1. It's all very exotic at your place at the moment. I can't believe the boys haven't hijacked your zebra bag. Love all your novelty scraps.

  2. Lovely gifts ...those pillow cases make me want to run straight into my sewing room to make a few ! Sadly I have to work today :(

    Isnt it fantastic when people de-stash and you're the lucky giftee! That happened to me this week too.

  3. You've had an exciting week there..... I love both of those bags...

  4. WOW... you certainly put your stash to good use! Well done! :)

  5. See having a stash is great when you are requested to make a bag in a certain fabric! How great is that zebra bag! Such a super print. So glad you found a pattern in one of the magazines. That zippered pouch was definitely a challenge for me as it was so small for my fat fingers.


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