Friday night sewing, I wish!

Again I am late for linking up to Friday Night With Friends  run by Cheryll.  
 I achieved this on Sunday.  One table, without umbrella - had to find a shifter to achieve that!
Covered in one old double bed fitted protect it!
One batting smoothed out, trying to ensure one end doesn't drag in the dirt.
 One backing, smoothed out, the corner aligned with the batting.
 Flip the corner over and spray baste the batting.  
 Worked my around to the last corner, spray and smooth, all while making sure excess batting stays off the ground.
Trim excess batting.  Concede defeat.  Can of spray is empty and shops are shut.  
I intended to sew Saturday and I kind of did in between;, hosting my sewing mother (visiting from Victoria), caring for my two boys (DH is away for work), making lunch for a non sewing girlfriend...who I then convinced to stay and learn to make a Union Jack pillowcase. I did help her to make half of a Union Jack, use a rotary cutter and sew a quarter inch seam.  All the while hosting another non sewing girlfriend and her daughter - who were voluntarily evacuated from their house due to the catastrophic fire rating for the hills and the fact here were two fires burning in the hills.  And hosting another quilting friend, who pretty much luckily entertained herself!  And then after the two non sewers left late in the day, my quilting buddies hubby and daughter turned up and I cooked BBQ tea.  Phew!  
Tomorrow I am going to buy basting spray.  Perhaps I might get to sew next Friday? Sorry for the boring photos, but whats a post without pictures?
Happy quilting, Sue SA.
PS we still have our Southern Boobook owl in residence, despite the 40C temps on Saturday and a steady stream of visitors looking at him.  I am very pleased to have a residential mouse eater, lets hope s/he stays!


  1. Busy! Any sign of cooler weather yet?

  2. Not every day turns out as planned. Your owl is fantastic.

  3. Hey you got some basting done ...thats a win in my book!

  4. If I was in town I would be over in a flash to see your owl.

  5. Gorgeous new blog header! Love the close up zig zag. How did the spray basting turn out? I use it sometimes for quilts that aren't too big. I love quilting with no pins!

  6. That backing fabric is great! Sounds like you had a super busy weekend. Hope you were able to get your can of basting spray. I think your basting set up is great. My weekend was spent cleaning. Not fun at all.


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