Hot pink for St Valentines day!

I did drop a hint, but DH completely forgot it was St Valentines day.  In his defence he normally remembers and I forget until he presents me with flowers.  Instead of romance I worked on finishing the pink chevron quilt, by adding a hot pink border.
Hot pink is not my colour, but its for a primary school aged girl, so figure that this was a no brainer when it came to borders.  The finished quilt measures 151 cm x 223 cm (or 59"x88") and I have recently found out that she has a king single bed.  Does anyone know what the measurements are for king singles?  It fits nicely on my son's single bed, but I am now worried it wont be wide enough.
You may have heard Adelaide has gone from being the hottest city in the world, to having a big wind storm and now flooding rains.  Oh and bush fires, except the big bushfire was a few hours north of Adelaide.  My boys like to watch the weather each night.  I think the animals are now taking shelter from the rain (and hoarding food on the roof?) ...that could be the flood coming in the background!  We are all safe n dry and luckily my husband cleaned out the gutters before the 90 mm of rain arrived...that's 3 1/2 inches in the old scale!
Sugar Block BOM January's block - already made, just for comparison with ...
February's block.  I tried to get the lovely waratah print in the centre block, but the print was a bit large.
 I finished off my St Valentine days sewing with some new star blocks.  Yes, this is a new WIP!  Because I had a gazillion blue 5" squares left over I cut some 3" white squares for flippy corners.  I am not not sure what I ever had against solids!  Two down, ??? to go!
Note to self, do not try and make dessert that involve melting chocolate when humidity is 200% and definitely never try and put Brownies back in the oven AFTER you have cooled them and discovered they are uncooked in the centre.  Further note to self; throw out Brownies recipe, go on a diet. 
Happy quilting, Sue SA.


  1. Love your chevrons. A king single is about 42" across so I think it will be big enough, and she will probably have a blanket or doona underneath. Glad you didn't flood.....we have had a gentle 10mm overnight.

  2. glad you had some rain, we seemed to have missed out, just a sprinkle to tease us, so the tank is still waiting for a fill.

  3. The hot pink border is a great addition. Don't worry about the size. It will be big enough to snuggle under and it will look lovely folded up on the end of the bed. Always ready to pull up or take somewhere. Love your second block of the BOM. I have mine done. Just need to blog about it. The blue and white blocks look fabulous. Its hard to beat a two colour quilt.

  4. Im loving the new header!

    A king single is apparently 106cm x 203cm so I think you’ll be fine with your gorgeous quilt.

    The animals should probably start building their own ark to be on the safe side...just a thought!

  5. I'm with Shay an Ark might be the way to go. Nice blocks.


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