All Day Quilting

My quilting group has All Day Sewing sessions about four times a year.  We start at 10 am and finish at 10 pm.  Well that's the idea.  I ran out of steam before then,when my back decided it didn't like standing (cutting or ironing) nor was it happy to sit and sew.  However this is what everyone else was up to before I piked it after dinner.
 Kylie was making heart blocks.
 Jill was making her self this great summer quilt.  Curves are a fear of mine, but Erolyn told Jill to keep her "smile on top" and voile one curved seam without 20,000 pins.  
 Sam and Vicki like to sew together and were making this sewing bag pattern by Rosalie Quinlan.  I have this pattern, it is one of many I have never ever made up.  I am very keen to see the end result!
 Sam was wearing this cute hippo brooch - with a nearly patchwork pattern on him!
 Elaine was trimming scrap wadding and joining them up into a usable size.
 Erolyn did finish this top (in a day) and it looked like licorice all sorts!  This pattern was off the Internet and designed to give lots of  space to practise free motion quilting.  I might need to make one of these!
Shez was making a jelly roll quilt out of one the fabulous books by mother and daughter team, Pam and Nicky Lintott.  
 Julie made two table runners in this fabric and then pieced all the squares for a raggy quilt in flannel.  
Sorry my camera ran out of battery before I got around everyone in the room : (
Happy quilting, Sue SA.


  1. Looks like a very productive day was had by all.

  2. Lots of lovely work being done......12 hours of stitching sounds blissful but I probably wouldn't make it either.

  3. Lovely way to end a day... Hope your back is feeling better today .....

  4. I love the idea of this kind of a sew-in! Plenty of lovely things being created and brought to life there....

  5. It was a great day and I am hoping to get the rest of my heart blocks pressed and joined and sashed ASAP , thanks fornhavong me along ADQ and Sue - I have the next date in my diary in PEN :)

  6. Wow what a very productive day.

  7. Looks like a great day of stitching for all!


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