March = Autumn

On last years wish list I was going to make Spring and Autumn themed table runners.  It didn't happen so I amended the list to just a autumn wall hanging.  Now over the last few weeks I have become addicted to Pinterest and I started looking for autumn table runner of course!  I collected a lot of pictures and decided that I had to make pumpkins!
The original pattern came from Diary of a quilter which was a  Halloween look pumpkin table runner.   I ditched the Halloween aspect, shorted the runner to fit my table and started stitching.  It just needs binding and the thread ends tidied up. I enjoyed the FMQ on this, as it was so quick and those curved lines give the pumpkins a nice rounded shape.  
I made another red and white house. I have recently realise that one has an mistake in it, but at this point I am not unpicking - I used a tiny stitch, because they were foundation pieced on paper, unpicking is next to impossible!  
Today I found this winter edition of Quilt Mania magazine while filling in time with a coffee, as the car was being fitted for brand new tyres.  So there is hope that I might get a winter wall hanging instead!
This Christmas wall hanging caught my eye.... log cabins and gingerbread men, what a cute combo! I think if I skip the holly leaves it will be perfect for winter. And I have the perfect charm pack to make it with!  So this is on my "to do" list now.. I might get around to starting it sooner rather then tackling those red houses!
I have also finished sewing the binding on my Under the Milky Way quilt.  Ta dah!  Yeah, a finish for March!
Happy quilting, Sue SA.


  1. Love your finished star quilt, great blues. I think your school houses look great. Will be interested to see your new wall hanging too.

  2. You are amazing the amount of things you get done, good on you!!

  3. Perfect pumpkins for Autumn. I love it !

    OK I found the mistake but I think its adorably cute and I’d totally be leaving it in there ...

    And Milky Way looks great – seriously vibrant . I love that too. Congratulations on the finish !

  4. Wow you have been busy. The Milky Way looks great a finish in the first week is very impressive.

  5. Your autumn runner looks great and the quilting is a perfect fit for the pumpkins. The house blocks look cute and I think its great to have one not quite the same as the others. Your Milky Way quilt is now done and dusted. It looks wonderful. It always feels good once that binding is on.


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