Busy, busy, busy.....

I have been so preoccupied of late that I neglected to show you this wonderful gift of a block keeper I received from my Aunt.
My Aunt is very  talented in both embroidery and  patchwork, but mainly embroiders.  They visited in September and she sent me this gift as a thank you present, but it arrived while we were in Fiji.  Did you know that when you put your mail on hold with the PO (and pay them good money) that it doesn't count for parcels?  Yep that's right, the fun stuff still gets delivered, but the bills stay safe!  
 Lucky for us we have lovely neighbours who spotted more then one precious parcel lying in full view of the world by our front door (the other parcel contained fabric!) and they kept them safe.  So my block holder works well, keeping 2 UFOs safe while I ponder the realities of miniatures and my wonky less then perfect 1/4" seams that resulted in points being lost :(
On a positive note I made a quick dash to start another project from this years wish list...an autumn themed table runner.  Thought I would use up some of my home made charm squares, but this didn't make much of a dent in them.  Still once its pressed and quilted it will do nicely for the table.  Now back to finishing the binding on my Dresden Plate quilt before the calendar ticks over and we are in December!!
Happy quilting, Sue SA.
PS I received another tiny but cute pressie in the mail, but the camera keeps flashing and I cannot get a good picture this morning, but I promise one over the weekend!


  1. Can't believe its almost December, now the rush will be on, hope to soon get to some "me" time.

  2. thank goodness for good neighbours!! crazy busy here too!

  3. I love your autumn twister table runner.

  4. Thats ridiculous that your parcels still arrived. I'd be having a word with AP about that!

    The block keeper is a fabulous idea .I've seen other versions once or twice but yours is the best one I've seen .

  5. What wonderful gifts to find on your doorstep! Your autumnal table runner looks lovely. Its so lovely that you have family who also share your creative pursuits. I imagine there is never a dull moment in conversation.


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