The good, the bad and the ugly of FMQ

I know Lego sewing machines don't have anything to do with FMQ, but I figured it was worth showing off!
 The modern quilt demanded my attention on Saturday, after I had fluffed the best part of the day away.  I promised myself that I would finish it before Christmas. That was unlikely to happen, but the newsagent sold me the new copy of an USA quilting magazine on Friday. 
 In the magazine they had a very similar looking "modern" quilt, with lots of blank canvas for FMQ.  But the best bit was this magazine includes diagrams on HOW to achieve that quilting pattern.  So I tried squiggles.
 And then I experimented with squiggles that go both directions.
 And I attempted waves.  The tricky bit was getting around the corner.
And I tried to fill in the blank spaces with square FMQ.  I must doddle in squares, cos all my previous attempts at FMQ fillers have ended in tears, but this pattern and I hit it off. 
Now I am not saying that I mastered FMQ, or that any of this is even good, but I managed to quilt most of the quilt, without killing anyone, harming small furry animals, resorting to alcohol or having a hissy fit.  There was unpicking involved, but I was fairly laid back about that as well...the Guild will not be recruiting me to teach or display my FMQ anytime soon, but I am one happy "nearly finished" modern quilter.  Happy quilting, Sue SA.


  1. This is an amazing effort, well done on giving it a go. I have not tried this style yet, it looks hard. I don.t recommend quilting on alchohol, it makes your lines wonky lol

  2. It really looks as though you and "modern" quilting are going to get on just fine. I think what you've done is great.

  3. It looks good Sue! Staying calm and laid back is the only way to fmq, when I get tense and start thinking too much I lose my rhythm and get jerky. Love the Lego sewing machine!

  4. Congratulations on having the guts to give FMQ a go. Im still dithering around thinking about doing it.

    Your foray into the world of flying by the seat of your pants looks marvellous !

    The lego sewing machine is so stinking cute.

  5. well done, you might put the likes of Elaine and I out of a job!

  6. how fun... I love all your 'modern' work.... clever you....

  7. Well done you. FMQing is good because if you make a mistake just keep going and you can never find it when you go back to look for it.

  8. I think you definitely cracked it! It looks great to me. I think with the modern look it doesn't have to be perfect and a bit of wonkiness is really OK.


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