Dresden Plate - back from the long arm quilters

I took delivery of my Dresden Plate from the long arm quilter this week, thank you Elaine! 
  I think I am in love!
And then I received some quilty love, from the Grade 1 class that I helped to make a quilt, isn't this the most gorgeous "quilt" card you have ever seen! 
The joy is in the giving, but its nice to receive such a heartfelt thank you :)
Happy quilting, Sue SA.


  1. Your Dresden turned out great, but I love the one you received as well.....so sweet.

  2. Your quilt is gorgeous. A true work of antiquey looking art.

    Isnt that card adorable!

  3. lovely quilt.. so nice to have it quilted now.... ready to bind over the weekend? I love your card from the littleis...


  4. Your dresden quilt looks great. I am looking forward to seeing the full reveal. I agree that the pleasure is in the giving and yes it is nice to know your hard work is appreciated.


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